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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The little school of the imagination

by Alain Serres
This boxed set features 15 large-format illustrations and 30 tokens that serve as visual prompts to stimulate children’s imagination: children choose an image, take a token and then invent their own story! A mobile phone disturbs the hustle and bustle of a port, for example, where they are loading a baby elephant onto a cargo ship: What’s the story? What happens next? What adventures might occur? Can you invent a story that no one has ever written before? And if you can’t think of what happens next, you just take another token, and the story begins again.
28 x 35 cm box, 5 years +

The wolf that was always hungry

by Eric Battut
This wolf really has a voracious appetite. He devours everything, everywhere, all the time: wild boars, mountains, forests... And inevitably he gets fatter with every meal! Why not go on a diet? He hates the idea. What about medical help? He swallowed the doctor before he could even utter a word. Who can quell his incredible hunger pangs?
40 pages, 23 x 33 cm, 4 years +

Little by little

by Emilie Vast
Little by little, starting from the smallest, the animals march two by two onto the deck of the ship while the water rises gradually. The story is well known. Emilie Vast tells it to us once again with her animals that speak of the carelessness of men during the rise of the waters. A modern fable about climate change. 
36 pages, 24,5 x 28,4 cm, 3 years +

Toys of the meadow

by Anne Crausaz
Lucien and his mother go for a walk in the forest. A bag must be prepared but of course all the stuffed animals cannot fit in. Little bear, the favourite will always have his place, but the others must stay home. During his walk Lucien will transform the world around him into a field of exploration to discover all the new toys offered by nature.
40 pages, 21.5 x 25.5 cm, 3 years +

The little market

by Nathalie Parain 
Published in 1935, this book was part of an innovative collection of game-books by the famous French publishing house Le Père Castor. The children can supply shops, sell or buy food and organize lottery games. The charming old-style goods or tools for each trade renders the re-release perfectly accessible to today’s children. The book contains 8 shops and 117 strong paper pre-cut cards. An all times best-seller
32 pages, 24 x 28 cm, 4 years +

Korczak, a true friend to children

by Philippe Meirieu, ill. Pef
Very few books are designed to help children think about their education. This book explores the career of Janusz Korczak, a doctor and gifted educator who was a tireless champion of children's rights throughout his life.
48 pages, 25 x 25 cm, 5 years +